SPAM®: Salty and simple, and stretches a lot

From Alissa Bernstein: What would it take for a meat counter in an upscale grocery store that carries local, organic, hormone-free meats to put Spam amongst their plump and perfectly cut filets?

JaspalSPAM®: Salty and simple, and stretches a lot

What we ate on Thanksgiving

Delicata Squash Closeup

To introduce the course development team – and to explore our own relationships with food – we’ve cataloged what we each made for Thanksgiving this year. Each of us answered three questions: 1) What did you cook? 2) Who did you cook it for? 3) What was the best reaction to it?

JaspalWhat we ate on Thanksgiving

Eating bugs: Innovating around disgust

Late last week, I was invited to speak to the Interdisciplinary MPH program at Berkeley about the innovation process. I thought it also would be a good opportunity to try out one of the topics we’re exploring for the spring, when we focus on food: eating bugs.

JaspalEating bugs: Innovating around disgust

Food system “megatrends”

Michigan State University’s Global Center for Food Systems Innovation is sponsoring a Student Innovation Challenges competition, seeking out courses that pursue solutions to big food systems problems in East Africa and beyond.

JaspalFood system “megatrends”

Food for thought

East Oakland’s 94621 ZIP code has just one supermarket, but 32 liquor stores.

JaspalFood for thought

Our next challenge

We are rearchitecting Designing Innovative Public Health Solutions in Spring 2014 to focus on a single theme that is critical to both global and US health. Our next challenge? Food.

JaspalOur next challenge