Pitches from San Francisco, San Salvador, and San Quentin

A course record sixteen projects were pitched during the third week of class, on Wednesday, February 4, 2015. With just three minutes per pitch, the class heard every pitch – half from students and half from external partners – in under an hour. Students ranked their top choices that same evening. By that Friday, students had been matched to their project teams. Only nine of the 16 projects moved forward based on student interest. 22/25 students received their top choice among the projects that moved forward. Every student received a top-three choice.
Teams include:
  • Farm to Fork, educational mobile farms, a collaboration with the State of California.
  • Freshii, a startup attempting to help reduce household food waste
  • Farm to Table, bringing healthier food to an elder home in Kingston, Jamaica.
  • Cooking Up Health, healthy food options for inmates at San Quentin state prison.
Students are already hard at work on their projects using the innovation process they are learning in class. We are excited to see how the projects develop throughout the semester.
Alissa BernsteinPitches from San Francisco, San Salvador, and San Quentin