PH214: Eat.Think.Design. Spring 2015

What Can A Plastic Potato Tell Us About Innovation? 


PH214: Eat.Think.Design.

CCN 76015, 3 units, Spring 2015

W 4:00-7:00pm, 125 Li Ka Shing

Instructors: Jaspal S. Sandhu, PhD, Kristine Madsen, MD, MPH, Nap Hosang, MPH, MBA, MD, School of Public Health

GSI: Alissa Bernstein


Instagram: @DesignSpud


About the Course

Eat.Think.Design. is the only course in the country that teaches systematic innovation and human-centered design in a public health context. In 2014, after three years of teaching this course as Designing Innovative Public Health Solutions, we rebranded as Eat.Think.Design. Student teams work on design projects for real clients at the intersection of food, innovation, and health. Each year, 25 students from a dozen different graduate programs come together to learn about the innovation process through these projects. We expect many students who have a professional focus on food and food systems, but we also actively seek a contingent of students who do not have such a focus.

Here’s what one of our course alumni from Spring 2014 had to say about the course: “Prior to taking this course, I hoped to learn more about using novel approaches to address public health nutrition issues in the US.  A year from now, and probably for the rest of my career in public health, I’ll remember how our team was able to do meaningful work by brainstorming and not immediately rejecting our wild ideas.”

We invite you to bring your wild ideas to the course in Spring 2015!



Keep your eye out around campus and on Instagram for our very own #eatthinkdesign spokespud @DesignSpud http:// If you are considering taking this class, we encourage you to follow @DesignSpud on Instagram. This will be the primary channel for information related to the course before the first class.



Attendance at the first class session on Wed-21-Jan-2015 is mandatory. Students will be admitted to the course from the waitlist after the first class session, at the discretion of the instructors. Waitlist order will not influence admission decisions. Students may not audit the course.


Our Backers

Our course is currently supported by the Blum Center for Developing Economies, the School of Public Health, and the Cal Design Lab.

Alissa BernsteinPH214: Eat.Think.Design. Spring 2015