Cassava Can Be A Hero!

This post was authored by Miho Kitagawa, a Mechanical Engineer at UC Berkeley and a Spring 2015 Eat.Think.Design. student. She created this image and narrative as part of our most recent out-of-class assignment. Students went on a “food adventure” based on a food they were assigned, and were asked to pitch a new idea for how their food can affect positive change in global and/or domestic food systems. The food options were: Fish, Edible Insects, Seaweed, Cassava, and Milk. 

In 2050, sub-Saharan Africa will be consuming 1/3 of the global calories – and cassava can be a hero! My idea is to create a sustainable food chain system in Africa, including clinics, to increase production and nutritious values of cassava while helping farmers to get more profits.

I took semi-visual notes of facts and ideas while doing research, drafted the overview a few times, and drew the final image with shading and accents. Colors were photo-shopped in.




Alissa BernsteinCassava Can Be A Hero!